Capturing Gustave, The Killer Crocodile (Documentary)

Capturing Gustave, The Killer Crocodile (Documentary)

Over the past few years, more than 200 people have disappeared from the vicinity of Lake Tanganyika. Their deaths were initially attributed to tribal warfare or a serial murderer, but the killer is actually a giant, predatory crocodile estimated to be 30 feet long and nearly a century old. A rescue mission aims to catch this giant predator and relocate him to safe waters-before he kills again.

In the heart of the the Rusizi River in Burundi, Africa, lurks a legendary figure that has both fascinated and instilled fear in those who know of its existence. This colossal reptilian enigma, with a reputation that echoes through the surrounding landscapes, is none other than Gustave, the notorious Nile crocodile.

Gustave’s reputation precedes him like a shadow cast by the African sun. Estimated to be over 70 years old, Gustave is a massive specimen, with reports suggesting he stretches well over 20 feet in length. His sheer size has earned him the title of one of the largest crocodiles ever recorded, but it’s not just his dimensions that make him a mythical figure.

Gustave is more than a mere crocodile; he’s a survivor against the odds, a testament to the resilience and adaptability of nature. Tales of his encounters with humans, boats, and even larger predators have contributed to the mystique surrounding this ancient reptile. Some locals consider him a mythical creature, a guardian of the river with a near-supernatural ability to evade capture.

The phantom crocodile

What sets Gustave apart is not just his size but his uncanny ability to survive in an ever-changing environment. While most crocodiles reach their twilight years with a sense of caution, Gustave has exhibited remarkable adaptability and cunning. Evading traps set by humans and dodging bullets, he has become a symbol of survival against the relentless pressures of both nature and human encroachment.

Despite numerous attempts to study and capture Gustave, he remains a phantom of the Rusizi River. His elusive nature has turned him into a cryptid of sorts, a creature whose presence is felt but seldom witnessed. Researchers and adventurers alike have been captivated by the challenge Gustave presents, each failed attempt adding a layer to the aura of mystery that surrounds him.

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