Man’s First Friend (Documentary)


Man's First friend: from wolves to dogs

It has been an integral part of our existence for over 20,000 years. Throughout history, its contributions have been diverse and invaluable. It has helped us procure sustenance, safeguarded our domestic animals, served as a shield against adversaries, provided navigation in challenging conditions, and saved us from imminent danger.

Currently, it offers comfort, alleviating loneliness and assisting us in managing the challenges of aging. It has evolved into an unwavering companion. The origins of dogs raise intriguing questions: how dogs evolved from wolves? How did they rise to such importance in our lives? How have we built a collaborative relationship, harnessing their distinct abilities? Furthermore, what extraordinary feats do they accomplish for us in contemporary times?

Get ready to embark on a journey that unveils the extraordinary escapades of these exceptional beings, showcasing their heroic exploits. From wild wolves to dogs, from predatory instincts to unwavering friendship, we will traverse the world to narrate the captivating tale of how dogs have earned the title: man’s best friend.

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